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-===== Installation ===== +===== Standard ​Installation ​(Personal Versions) ​=====
-Before the installation of the Java-Editor you should install the Java Development Kit (JDK). +
-You can download the current version of the JDK at http://​​javase/​downloads/​index.jsp. +
-Install the **32-Bit-Version** for using all features of the Java-Editor.+
-====Personal Installation====+The Java-Editor requires the installation of a Java Development Kit (JDK). Starting with Java 11, you should use the free OpenJDK because the Oracle JDK is subject to a charge. You can download the latest version of OpenJDK from http://​​projects/​jdk/​. 
 +Starting from the JDK 10 there are only 64-bit versions of the JDK for which you need a 64-bit version of the Java-Editor in order to use all functions. 
 +As of JDK 11 JavaFX is no longer included in the JDK and must be additionally installed. You can download a JavaFX Windows SDK from https://​​products/​javafx/​ and install it in parallel to OpenJDK. In the configuration enter the JavaFX folder under [[configuration#​interpreter|Interpreter/​JavaFX-folder]]. 
 +On the page https://​​downloads/​zulu/​zulufx/​ AZUL Systems offers 32- und 64-bit versions with integrated JavaFX. ​
 After the installation of the JDK you go on with the [[Download|download of the Java-Editor]]. ​ After the installation of the JDK you go on with the [[Download|download of the Java-Editor]]. ​
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